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Bringing the power of Deep Learning
to clinical practice!

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A Showcase for xAI
in Clinical Practice & Education

exAID enables medical professionals to understand and use AI's diagnosis as an aid in clinical practice. Additionally, the extensive model & data analysis helps future dermatologists & medical researchers to better understand patterns in data & developers to identify biases in the model.

  • Conceptual & Textual Diagnosis Justification
  • Visual Concept Localization
  • Data Analysis
  • Model Analysis


exAID offers a Diagnostic Mode for clinical practice and an Educational Mode for educational & development purposes.

Our Team

exAID is being developed by a team of researchers at German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH (DFKI). The use case of dermatoscopic lesion classification is developed with kind support from Department of Dermatology of Universitätsklinikum Münster and Department of Dermatology of Universitätsklinikum Düsseldorf.

Related Publications

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